Current Affairs of DECEMBER 2021

Current Affairs of DECEMBER 2021

1 - ‘Renukaji Dam project’, seen in the news, is to come up in which Indian state?

(A) Maharashtra
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Gujarat
(D) Bihar

2 - Psyche mission, which was seen in the news, is being developed by which country?

(B) UK
(C) Russia
(D) Israel

3 - “India Out” campaign is associated with which country?

(A) Sri Lanka
(B) Myanmar
(C) Maldives
(D) Nepal

4 - ‘Graded Response Action Plan’ (GRAP) is to be implemented by which state, to tackle Covid-19?

(A) Odisha
(B) New Delhi
(C) Telangana
(D) Maharashtra

5 - Which country has developed the world’s first ‘AI Prosecutor’?

(B) China
(C) Russia
(D) India

6 - Which country has recently launched the ‘Tsirkon hypersonic missile system’?

(A) China
(B) Russia
(C) UK
(D) Israel

7 - Which Union Ministry launched the “Star Rating Protocol of Garbage Free Cities- Toolkit 2022”?

(A) Ministry of Rural Development
(B) Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
(C) Ministry of Agriculture
(D) Ministry of Forest, Environment and Climate Change

8 - What is the name of the Disintegrated Neutron Star with the most intense magnetic field?

(A) Meteor
(B) Magnetar
(C) Blazar
(D) Quasar

9 - “P.N. Panicker”, whose statue was recently unveiled by the President, was associated with which movement?

(A) Women Empowerment
(B) Literacy and Library
(C) Child Development
(D) Clean Water

10 - INS Kesari has recently delivered Food aid and Defence Aid to which country?

(A) Madagascar
(B) Mozambique
(C) Maldives
(D) Myanmar

11 - When is the ‘National Consumer Rights Day’ observed across India?

(A) December 20
(B) December 22
(C) December 24
(D) December 25

12 - The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently extended the tokenisation rules till which date?

(A) January 1, 2022
(B) April 1, 2022
(C) June 30, 2022
(D) September 30, 2022

13 - Which Union Ministry is associated with implementing the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC)?

(A) Ministry of Finance
(B) Ministry of Corporate Affairs
(C) Ministry of External Affairs
(D) Ministry of Commerce and Industry

14 - Which country passed the ‘Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Women’?

(A) India
(B) China
(C) Russia
(D) Saudi Arabia

15 - “Pillar of Shame” memorial, which was seen in the news, is located in which country/region?

(B) Hong Kong
(C) Taiwan
(D) Russia

16 - SilverLine, is a semi high-speed railway project being constructed in which state?

(A) Karnataka
(B) Kerala
(C) Gujarat
(D) Odisha

17 - Gujarat’s Chief Minister launched the Gujarati version of which micro-bloggin site?

(A) Twitter
(B) Koo
(C) Chingari
(D) Reddit

18 - Paxlovid, which was seen in the news recently, is the first authorised pill against which disease?

(A) COVID-19
(B) Pneumococcal Disease
(C) Cardio-vascular Disease

19 - ‘Shakti Criminal Laws Bill’ is associated with which state?

(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Maharashtra
(C) Karnataka
(D) Kerala

20 - As per the recent data from Environment Ministry, which state has recorded the highest deaths of elephants due to electrocution during 2009 and 2019?

(A) Odisha
(B) Maharashtra
(C) West Bengal
(D) Gujarat

21 - Manohari Gold Tea, which was seen in the news, is associated with which state/UT?

(A) Kerala
(B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Assam
(D) West Bengal

22 - World Trade Organization (WTO) panel asked which country to withdraw its subsidies in the sugar sector?

(A) Australia
(B) India
(D) China

23 - Cabinet approved a treaty on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, with which country?

(A) Switzerland
(B) Poland
(D) Russia

24 - Which Indian journalist has been named by Columbia Journalism School as the 2022 alumni award winners?

(A) N Ram
(B) Malini Parthasarathy
(C) Raja Mohan
(D) Soli J. Sorabjee

25 - Which country hosted the eighth Indian Ocean Dialogue recently?

(A) Sri Lanka
(B) India
(C) Myanmar
(D) Philippines

26 - River Seine, which was seen in the news recently, is located in which country?

(A) Russia
(B) France
(C) Australia
(D) China

27 - What is the name of the therapy involving the use of light-sensitive medicine?

(A) Photodynamic therapy
(B) Photovoltaic therapy
(C) Photogeneric therapy
(D) Photology

28 - The ‘Nupi Lal Day’ is observed every year in which state/UT?

(A) Assam
(B) Manipur
(C) Arunachal Pradesh
(D) Sikkim

29 - Which city has become the world’s first government to turn completely paperless?

(A) Moscow
(B) Dubai
(C) New York
(D) Abu Dhabi

30 - Which country topped the Asian Power Index for 2021?

(A) China
(B) India
(D) Russia

31 - Buxa tiger reserve, recently seen in the news, is located in which state/UT?

(A) West Bengal
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Bihar
(D) Meghalaya

32 - As per the updated DICGC Act, account holders can access their insured deposit amount within …… days

(A) 30
(B) 45
(C) 90
(D) 180

33 - ‘Commercial Space Astronaut Wings program’ is associated with which country?

(B) China
(C) Russia
(D) Australia

34 - Island Territory of New Caledonia recently voted to stay part of which country?

(A) France
(C) Japan
(D) Russia

35 - What is the theme of the “International Universal Health Coverage Day” 2021?

(A) Sustainable Health Coverage
(B) Leave No One’s Health Behind: Invest in Health Systems for All
(C) Universal access to Healthcare
(D) Equitable and healthy society

36 - Jhilli Dalabehera, who won a gold medal in Commonwealth championship, is associated with which sports?

(A) Archery
(B) Shooting
(C) Weight-Lifting
(D) Boxing

37 - What is the status of “Bryde’s whale”, seen in the news recently?

(A) Extinct
(B) Endangered
(C) Least Concern
(D) Near Threatened

38 - Which Indian state has witnessed cases of Covidengue, a combination of both COVID-19 and Dengue?

(A) Kerala
(B) Telangana
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Gujarat

39 - Marmosa (mouse opossums) are endemic to which region?

(A) America
(B) Antarctica
(C) Europe
(D) Asia

40 - Catherine Russell, who has been seen in the news recently, is the new head of which global institution?

(A) World Bank
(B) World Economic Forum

41 - NITI Aayog announced that it is set to establish will be establishing 1,000 Atal Tinkering Laboratories in which state/UT?

(A) Jammu and Kashmir
(B) Goa
(C) Sikkim
(D) Arunachal Pradesh

42 - The NIPER (Amendment) Bill recently passed in the Parliament, seeks to accord ‘institute of national importance’ status to ………….

(A) Institutes of pharmaceutical education and research
(B) Institutes of petroleum research
(C) Institutes of physical education
(D) Institutes of philosophical research

43 - Who was Google’s most searched-for personality in India in 2021?

(A) Neeraj Chopra
(B) Elon Musk
(C) P V Sindhu
(D) Mirabai Chanu

44 - Which South American country recently approved a law allowing same-sex marriage?

(A) Argentina
(B) Chile
(C) Peru
(D) Bolivia

45 - Which Indian state has recently reported bird flu cases and culled over 12000 ducks?

(A) Bihar
(B) Assam
(C) Kerala
(D) Tamil Nadu

46 - The Union Cabinet approved the continuation of Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana (Rural) till which year, from 2021?

(A) 2023
(B) 2024
(C) 2025
(D) 2030

47 - The SAARC Charter was adopted in which city on December 8, 1985?

(A) New Delhi
(B) Dhaka
(C) Kathmandu
(D) Colombo

48 - Yusaku Maezawa and Yozo Hirano, the first self-paying space tourists since 2009, are from which country?

(A) Japan
(B) China
(D) Thailand

49 - Which is the world’s most valuable edtech company,as of 2021?

(A) Duolingo
(B) Byju’s
(C) Tribal-learning
(D) Coursera

50 - Which is the first airline in India to have launched an ESG report?

(A) Air India
(B) Spice Jet
(C) IndiGo
(D) Vistara

51 - As per the ‘World Malaria Report 2021’, what is the number of estimated malaria deaths in 2020?

(A) 1.27 lakhs
(B) 2.27 lakhs
(C) 4.27 lakhs
(D) 6.27 lakhs

52 - Which Indian bureaucrat was invited to join the board of advisers of International ‘IDEA’?

(A) Sunil Arora
(B) P. Rawat
(C) A K Joti
(D) Nasim Zaidi

53 - Which space agency launched its ‘Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD)’?

(C) Blue Origin
(D) SpaceX

54 - What is the name of the portal launched by Ministry of Civil Aviation for seamless air travel during Covid?

(A) Air Suvidha
(B) Bharat Travel
(C) Pradhan Mantri Aviation
(D) Welcome India

55 - Which Union Ministry is implementing the umbrella scheme named ‘Atal Vayo Abhyudaya Yojana (AVYAY)?

(A) Ministry of Women and Child Development
(B) Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
(C) Ministry of Rural Development
(D) Ministry of Minority Affairs

56 - Minsk agreements, seen sometimes in the news, are associated with which country?

(A) Israel
(B) Iran
(C) Ukraine
(D) Afghanistan

57 - Konyaks, who were in the news recently, are the largest tribes of which Indian state?

(A) Assam
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Nagaland
(D) Madhya Pradesh

58 - Where was the 22nd missile vessel Squadron (Killer Squadron) formally established?

(A) Mumbai
(B) Visakhapatnam
(C) Goa
(D) Cochin

59 - Ajaz Patel, who recently clinched 10 wickets in an innings, is a cricketer from which country?

(A) England
(B) New Zealand
(C) Bangladesh
(D) South Africa

60 - Which city played host to the first-ever ‘India-Russia ‘2+2’ dialogue’?

(A) Moscow
(B) New Delhi
(C) Ahmadabad
(D) St Petersburg

61 - ‘Ciprian Foias Prize’ is associated with which field?

(A) Space Science
(B) Mathematics
(C) Virology
(D) Business

62 - When is the ‘World Soil Day’ observed every year?

(A) December 3
(B) December 5
(C) December 7
(D) December 9

63 - What is the theme of the ‘International Volunteer Day’ in 2021?

(A) Volunteer now for our common future
(B) World needs Volunteers
(C) Volunteering during Pandemic
(D) Welcoming Volunteers

64 - What is the average national income of the Indian adult population, as per the ‘World Inequality Report 2022’?

(A) Rs 1.04 lakh
(B) Rs 2.04 lakh
(C) Rs 4.04 lakh
(D) Rs 6.04 lakh

65 - Which organisation successfully tested the vertical launch short range surface-to-air missile?


66 - Which institution released a report titled ‘Waste-Wise Cities- Best Practices in Municipal Solid Waste Management’?

(A) NITI Aayog
(C) Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
(D) World Bank

67 - With reference to Space science, what is ‘Leonard’?

(A) Asteroid
(B) Exo-planet
(C) Comet
(D) Satellite

68 - What is ‘Sandhayak’, which was recently launched by the Indian Navy?

(A) Survey vessel
(B) Missile Launch Vehicle
(C) Amphibious warfare ship
(D) Aircraft Carrier

69 - Which state has approved to implement Atma Nirbhar Krishak Integrated Development Scheme

(A) Gujarat
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Maharashtra

70 - Which space agency has developed ‘Sentry-II – Asteroid Impact Monitoring System’?


71 - What is the monetisation target of National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), for the next three years?

(A) Rs 0.5 lakh crore
(B) Rs 1 lakh crore
(C) Rs 2 lakh crore
(D) Rs 5 lakh crore

72 - Who won the women’s singles title in the BWF World Tour Finals -2021?

(A) P V Sindhu
(B) Saina Nehwal
(C) An Se-young
(D) Carolina Marin

73 - Which Racing Driver won the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Tournament?

(A) Lewis Hamilton
(B) Charles Leclerc
(C) Max Verstappen
(D) Valtteri Bottas

74 - ‘The 2021 Yidan Prize’ which was awarded recently, is associated with which field?

(A) Business
(B) Sports
(C) Science and Technology
(D) Education

75 - India has set a target of ………… for merchandise exports and ………. for agricultural products for 2021-22?

(A) $400 billion and $43 billion
(B) $200 billion and $23 billion
(C) $100 billion and $13 billion
(D) $50 billion and $3 billion

76 - Which publishing company/ website has named ‘Allyship’ as the word of the year?

(A) Collins
(B) Merriam Webster
(D) Oxford

77 - “National Strategy on Blockchain” has been released by?

(A) Reserve Bank of India
(B) NITI Aayog
(C) Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
(D) Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

78 - The Feast of St Francis Xavier is celebrated in which state of India every year on December 3?

(A) Goa
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Kerala

79 - ‘Maitri Diwas’ is celebrated every 6th December by India, to commemorate the diplomatic ties with which country?

(A) Sri Lanka
(B) Pakistan
(C) Bangladesh
(D) Nepal

80 - China launched the first cross-border train with which country, as a part of the Belt and Road Initiative?

(A) Laos
(B) Russia
(C) Pakistan
(D) Malaysia

81 - Which Union Ministry organised the ‘MSME Conclave’?

(A) Ministry of MSME
(B) Ministry of Defence
(C) Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
(D) Ministry of Commerce and Industry

82 - Which country won the Davis Cup Title in 2021?

(A) Spain
(B) Russia
(C) Croatia
(D) Serbia

83 - ‘Paika rebellion’ is associated with which Indian state?

(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Odisha
(C) Assam
(D) Maharashtra

84 - ‘Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’ is headquartered at?

(A) The Netherlands
(B) India
(D) Austria

85 - Which Union Ministry implements the ‘Kala Sanskriti Vikas Yojna (KSVY)’?

(A) Ministry of External Affairs
(B) Ministry of Culture
(C) Ministry of Tourism
(D) Ministry of Education

86 - ‘Gender equality pact’, seen sometimes in the news, is associated with which institution?


87 - Which space agency has recently launched a rocket carrying 48 Starlink internet satellites and two BlackSky satellites?

(A) Virgin Galactic
(C) SpaceX
(D) Blue Origin

88 - ‘SRESHTA’ scheme is set to be launched by which Union Ministry?

(A) Ministry of Education
(B) Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
(C) Ministry of Tribal Affairs
(D) Ministry of Minority Affairs

89 - Which Indian-born economist is to be appointed as the first Deputy Managing Director of IMF?

(A) Urjit Patel
(B) Raghuram Rajan
(C) Gita Gopinath
(D) Usha Thorat

90 - Ministry of Rural Development has signed an MoU with which company, to empower local businesses and SHGs?

(A) Amazon
(B) Flipkart
(C) Snapdeal
(D) Jiomart

91 - What is the Global GDP Growth for this year, as forecasted by OECD’s recent latest economic outlook?

(A) 9.5%
(B) 8%
(C) 5.6%
(D) 2.3%

92 - Xiomara Castro, has been elected as the first female President of which country?

(A) Norway
(B) Germany
(C) Honduras
(D) Barbados

93 - How many elephants have been killed in last 10 years, as per the recent data from Environment Ministry?

(A) 160
(B) 360
(C) 660
(D) 1160

94 - Which state has signed Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt as the brand ambassador for its Golden jubilee celebrations?

(A) Sikkim
(B) Arunachal Pradesh
(C) Assam
(D) Gujarat

95 - Beyond APICA Project, which was sometimes seen in the news recently, is associated with which field?

(A) Ice Exploration
(B) Space Exploration
(C) Artificial Intelligence
(D) Crypto currency Mining

96 - Skill Development Ministry launched a pilot project to revive traditional ‘Namda’ craft in which state/UT?

(A) Arunachal Pradesh
(B) Jammu and Kashmir
(C) Sikkim
(D) West Bengal

97 - Which Union Ministry set up a 3-member committee to review the criteria for Economically Weaker Section (EWS) reservations?

(A) Ministry of Home Affairs
(B) Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
(C) Ministry of Education
(D) Ministry of Skill Development

98 - Who is the first President of Barbados, which became the world’s newest republic?

(A) Dame Sandra Mason
(B) Magdalena Andersson
(C) Katrín Jakobsdóttir
(D) Sanna Marin

99 - Alipore Zoological Garden, which was making news, is located in which Indian state/UT?

(A) Madhya Pradesh
(B) Bihar
(C) West Bengal
(D) Uttar Pradesh

100 - Central Electronics Ltd (CEL), which is set to be divested, is a CPSE under which Union Ministry?

(A) Ministry of Science and Technology
(B) Ministry of Electronics and IT
(C) Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
(D) Ministry of Power

101 - Where is the India International Science Festival to be held from December 10th, 2021?

(A) Mumbai
(B) Lucknow
(C) Varanasi
(D) Goa

102 - “Hunar Haat” is organized by which ministry, has received silver medal at the India International Trade Fair, 2021?

(A) Ministry of Home Affairs
(B) Ministry of Minority Affairs
(C) Ministry of Defence
(D) Ministry of Skill Development

103 - Noney Valley, where the world’s tallest railway bridge pier is being constructed, is located in which state/UT?

(A) Sikkim
(B) Uttarakhand
(C) Manipur
(D) Ladakh

104 - Dhawan-1, India’s first first privately developed fully cryogenic rocket engine, was developed by which company?

(A) Skyroot Aerospace
(B) Skanda Aerospace
(C) Dhruv Space
(D) Collins Aerospace

105 - Which institution developed the ‘Bio-jet fuel’, which has been approved for use on military aircraft of IAF?

(A) Indian Institute of Petroleum
(B) Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation
(C) Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
(D) Bharat Electronics Limited

106 - Zero Defect, Zero Effect (ZED) is a scheme implemented by which Union Ministry?

(A) Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
(B) Ministry of MSME
(C) Ministry of Commerce and Industry
(D) Ministry of Steel

107 - Which country showcased the Y-8Q anti-submarine warfare aircraft?

(A) Israel
(C) China
(D) Russia

108 - Which Indian state has announced the implementation of a police commissionerate system in two of its cities?

(A) Maharashtra
(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Kerala
(D) West Bengal

109 - Hanukkah, is a celebration held every year by which group of population?

(A) Jews
(B) Christians
(C) Muslims
(D) Sikhs

110 - Magdalena Andersson is the first female Prime Minister of which country?

(A) Iceland
(B) Sweden
(C) Switzerland
(D) Australia

111 - Which word has been chosen as the “2021 word of the year” by Merriam-Webster?

(A) Vaccine
(B) Quarantine
(C) Infection
(D) Isolation

112 - Petr Fiala has been appointed as the Prime Minister of which country?

(A) Australia
(B) Italy
(C) Greece
(D) Czech Republic

113 - Which State Police launched the ‘Call your Cop’ mobile App, to connect distressed citizens with Police?

(A) Nagaland
(B) West Bengal
(C) Kerala
(D) Odisha

114 - Which Indian cricketer recently became the third highest wicket-taker in Tests?

(A) Ravindra Jadeja
(B) R Ashwin
(C) Ishant Sharma
(D) Mohammad Shami

115 - As per the National Health Accounts (NHA) estimates, what was the share of government health expenditure in the GDP of India in 2017-18?

(A) 1.2%
(B) 1.35%
(C) 1.75%
(D) 2.5%

116 - ‘Mukhyamantri Tirth Yatra Yojna’ is a scheme implemented by which Indian state/UT?

(A) Uttarakhand
(B) Delhi
(C) Karnataka
(D) Gujarat

117 - Which institution released ‘The State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA) 2021’ report?

(A) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
(C) NITI Aayog
(D) World Bank

118 - Which state’s tourism department launched the STREET (Sustainable, Tangible, Responsible, Experiential, Ethnic, Tourism) project?

(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Goa
(C) Kerala
(D) Sikkim

119 - Who won the men's Ballon d’Or award 2021?

(A) Lionel Messi
(B) Robert Lewandowski
(C) Kaka
(D) Cristiano Ronaldo

120 - Omicron COVID variant was first detected by which among the following countries?

(A) Israel
(B) South Africa
(C) Germany
(D) France

121 - Who among the following will be appointed as IMF's First Deputy Managing Director?

(A) Gita Gopinath
(B) Suchitra Ella
(C) Soumya Swaminathan
(D) Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

122 - Who will be appointed as IMF's First Deputy Managing Director?

(A) Gita Gopinath
(B) Suchitra Ella
(C) Soumya Swaminathan
(D) Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

123 - When is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities observed?

(A) December 3rd
(B) December 4th
(C) December 5th
(D) December 6th

124 - Who has topped the Fortune India 50 Most Powerful Women list?

(A) Nirmala Sitharaman
(B) Nita Ambani
(C) Gita Gopinath
(D) Priyanka Chopra

125 - When will the last Solar Eclipse of 2021 occur?

(A) December 4th
(B) December 5th
(C) December 7th
(D) December 9th

126 - Which former Indian President's birth anniversary is observed on December 3rd?

(A) Rajendra Prasad
(B) Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
(C) V. V. Giri
(D) K. R. Narayanan

127 - During a Solar Eclipse, what comes in front of the Sun and blocks its light?

(A) Earth
(B) Moon
(C) Venus
(D) Mars

128 - Which year did the tragic Bhopal gas disaster occur?

(A) 1981
(B) 1984
(C) 1990
(D) 1991

129 - Which Indian state has reported India's first two cases of Omicron COVID variant?

(A) Kerala
(B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Karnataka
(D) Rajasthan

130 - Which among the following players has been released by his franchise?

(A) KL Rahul
(B) Rishabh Pant
(C) Mayank Agarwal
(D) Sanju Samson

131 - Women's Tennis Association has suspended all its tournaments in which nation?

(A) China
(B) South Korea
(C) Indonesia
(D) South Africa

132 - India is scheduled to sign a deal to procure around 7.5 lakh AK-203 assault rifles with which nation?

(A) Russia
(B) Germany
(C) France
(D) United States

133 - Which nation's nominal GDP is likely to contract by 20 percent within a year, according to UNDP?

(A) Iran
(B) Pakistan
(C) Afghanistan
(D) North Korea

134 - Who has been awarded Woman of the Year by World Athletics?

(A) PT Usha
(B) Anju Bobby George
(C) Dutee Chand
(D) Hima Das

135 - Home Minister laid the foundation stone of Maa Shakumbhari Vishwavidyalaya in which city?

(A) Saharanpur
(B) Sonipat
(C) Lucknow
(D) Ayodhya

136 - When is National Pollution Control Day observed?

(A) December 1st
(B) December 2nd
(C) December 3rd
(D) December 4th

137 - When is Cyclone Jawad likely to hit Andhra Pradesh and Odisha?

(A) December 4th
(B) December 10th
(C) December 15th
(D) December 20th

138 - Who won the Ballon d’Or Striker of the Year award 2021?

(A) Pedri
(B) Lionel Messi
(C) Robert Lewandowski
(D) Cristiano Ronaldo

139 - Popular designer Virgil Abloh passed away on November 28 at the young age of 41 years. He was associated with which luxury fashion house?

(B) Chanel
(C) Dior
(D) Louis Vuitton

140 - Who has become India's third-highest wicket-taker in Tests?

(A) R Ashwin
(B) Jasprit Bumrah
(C) Ishant Sharma
(D) Yuzvendra Chahal

141 - How many Rajya Sabha MPs have been suspended for the Winter session of the Parliament due to their unruly behaviour on the last day of the Monsoon session?

(A) 13
(B) 12
(C) 14
(D) 15

142 - When is BSF's 57th Raising Day observed?

(A) December 10th
(B) December 7th
(C) December 5th
(D) December 1st

143 - When is the last Solar Eclipse of the year 2021?

(A) December 2nd
(B) December 4th
(C) December 10th
(D) December 14th

144 - Which is the world’s cheapest city as per Cost of Living Index 2021?

(A) Damascus
(B) Hanoi
(C) Dhaka
(D) Phnom Penh

145 - Which among the following is the world's most expensive city?

(A) Tel Aviv
(B) Paris
(C) Singapore
(D) New York

146 - When is World AIDS Day observed?

(A) November 30th
(B) December 1st
(C) December 2nd
(D) December 3rd

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