Current Affairs of FEBRUARY 2022

Current Affairs of FEBRUARY 2022

1 - Zmiinyi Island (Snake Island), which was seen in the news, is located in which Sea/Ocean?

(A) Black Sea
(B) Pacific Ocean
(C) Mediterranean Sea
(D) Atlantic Ocean

2 - Which Union Ministry launched the ‘Bhasha Certificate Selfie’ Campaign?

(A) Ministry of Education
(B) Ministry of Culture
(C) Ministry of Tourism
(D) Ministry of External Affairs

3 - Which country has been hit by ‘Cyclone Emnati’?

(A) Indonesia
(B) Madagascar
(C) Philippines
(D) Japan

4 - ‘IVFRT Scheme’, which was seen in the news recently, is associated with which field?

(A) Immigration
(B) Irrigation
(C) Information
(D) Industry

5 - Whose famous book is 'Das Capital'?

(A) Sri Lanka
(B) Japan
(C) Australia

6 - Which is the venue of the ‘Devayatanam – An odyssey of Indian temple architecture’ conference?

(A) Puri
(B) Hampi
(C) Mysuru
(D) Varanasi

7 - Which city is the host of Senior National Chess Championship-2022?

(A) Mumbai
(B) Kanpur
(C) Chennai
(D) Panaji

8 - Which country’s rover has spotted two glass spheres on the far side of the Moon?

(A) India
(B) China

9 - National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) signed MoU with which institution to collaborate on ‘Sustainable Cities India program’?

(A) NITI Aayog
(B) World Economic Forum
(C) World Bank

10 - Which space mission/ satellite of ISRO has detected ‘Solar proton events’ for the first time?

(A) Chandrayaan-1
(B) Chandrayaan-2
(C) Mars Orbiter Mission
(D) Mangalyaan 2

11 - Intracortical Visual Prosthesis (ICVP), seen in the news, is associated with which field?

(A) Artificial Vision
(B) Artificial Intelligence
(C) Spyware
(D) Navigation

12 - Which Union Ministry launched the ‘National Strategy for Additive Manufacturing’?

(A) Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
(B) Ministry of MSME
(C) Ministry of Commerce and Industry
(D) Ministry of Science and Technology

13 - ‘Health Star Rating’ is an initiative of which organisation?

(A) Food Corporation of India
(D) NITI Aayog

14 - Which institution released reports documenting India’s Covid-19 vaccine development and administration journey?

(A) Institute for Competitiveness
(B) NITI Aayog
(C) John Hopkins University

15 - Which state/UT recently approved the Policy on promotion of foreign investment in the industrial sector?

(A) Goa
(B) Assam
(C) Jammu and Kashmir
(D) Ladakh

16 - National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme (NMMSS) has been extended till which year?

(A) 2023-24
(B) 2025-26
(C) 2029-30
(D) 2031-32

17 - Who chairs the Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC)?

(A) RBI Governor
(B) Union Finance Minister
(C) Prime Minister
(D) NITI Aayog CEO

18 - Which Indian mathematician was conferred ‘Ramanujan Prize for Young Mathematicians’ 2021?

(A) Neena Gupta
(B) R Praggnanandhaa
(C) Dr. B. Uma Shankar
(D) Dr. Kuntal Ghosh

19 - Which institution authorises all Pre-paid Instruments (PPI) in India?

(C) Finance Ministry
(D) Enforcement Directorate

20 - Which Union Ministry implements the ‘Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY)’ scheme?

(A) Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
(B) Ministry of Rural Development
(C) Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
(D) Ministry of Panchayati Raj

21 - Which region is affected by Storm Clusters including three Storms- Eunice, Franklin and Dudley?

(A) North America
(B) Europe
(C) Australia
(D) Africa

22 - Which country topped the medal tally in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics?

(A) China
(C) Norway
(D) Germany

23 - ‘CEPI’ has announced partnership with which Indian pharma company to develop Covid Vaccine?

(A) Panacea Biotec
(B) Cadila Healthcare
(C) Cipla
(D) Sun Pharma

24 - India, along with which country, agreed on ‘Roadmap on Blue Economy and Ocean Governance’?

(C) France
(D) Japan

25 - What is the name of the new week-long commemoration before the ‘National Science Day’?

(A) Atmanirbhar Vigyan
(B) Vigyan Sarvatra Pujyate
(C) Celebration of Science in Past
(D) ‘Science in Culture’ Celebrations

26 - In which Indian state is the ‘Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT)’ located?

(A) Gujarat
(B) Sikkim
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Uttarakhand

27 - Which nocturnal pollinator has been found to have vital role in ‘Pollination’ in the Himalayan ecosystem?

(A) Moths
(B) Bees
(C) Butterflies
(D) Bats

28 - The Supreme Court has scrapped the ‘gender cap’ on performers in orchestra bars in which state recently?

(A) Maharashtra
(B) Karnataka
(C) West Bengal
(D) Andhra Pradesh

29 - ‘Khajuraho Dance Festival’ is a famous event organised in which Indian state?

(A) Gujarat
(B) Bihar
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Maharashtra

30 - Which Union Ministry has released Guidelines on Data Security to its officials, banning the use of digital assistant devices?

(A) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
(B) Ministry of Communication
(C) Ministry of Defence
(D) Ministry of External Affairs

31 - ‘Inter-Operable Criminal Justice System (ICJS)’ is associated with which Union Ministry?

(A) Ministry of Law and Justice
(B) Ministry of Home Affairs
(C) Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
(D) Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

32 - What is the objective of World Bank’s REWARD Program?

(A) Promotion of School Education
(B) Watershed management
(C) Solid waste Management
(D) Infrastructure Development

33 - India imported a record 100,000 tonnes of Soy Oil from which country?

(C) Malaysia
(D) Australia

34 - India signed a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with which country in February 2022?

(B) China
(C) Brazil
(D) Russia

35 - With reference to plastic packaging, what does EPR stand for?

(A) Extended Producer Responsibility
(B) Environment Protection Responsibility
(C) Ecological Protection Role
(D) Epoxy Poly Rehydroxy-sulphate

36 - Who has been conferred with Hilal-e-Pakistan – the 2nd highest civilian award of Pakistan, in 2022?

(A) Bill Gates
(B) Malala Yousafzai
(C) Elon Musk
(D) Xi Jinping

37 - Where was the 6th African Union – European Union Summit held?

(A) Brussels
(B) Cairo
(C) Rome
(D) Johannesburg

38 - Which African country has recently declared a Polio outbreak?

(A) Malawi
(B) South Africa
(C) Nigeria
(D) Democratic Republic of Congo

39 - Where is the headquarters of the ‘United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’ located?

(A) Geneva
(B) Washington
(C) Paris
(D) Brussels

40 - The world’s first woman was cured of HIV through which process?

(A) Stem cell transplant
(B) Antiretroviral therapy
(C) Tuberculosis Treatment
(D) Blood Transfusion

41 - Which is the venue of ‘DefExpo 2022’ Defence Exhibition?

(A) Goa
(B) Chennai
(C) Gandhi Nagar
(D) Varanasi

42 - Crimson Rose, which was seen in the news recently, belongs to which species?

(A) Flower
(B) Butterfly
(C) Panda
(D) Snake

43 - Which country holds the Presidency of G 20 in 2022?

(A) India
(B) Indonesia
(C) China
(D) Japan

44 - Which Union Ministry/Institution organized Global Summit on ‘Reimagining Museums in India’?

(A) Ministry of Culture
(B) Ministry of Tourism
(C) NITI Aayog

45 - What is the main objective of PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan (NMP)?

(A) Skill Development
(B) Infrastructure Development
(C) Healthcare Development
(D) Export Development

46 - India signed a LoI on New and Renewable energy technology with which country?

(A) Israel
(B) Australia
(D) New Zealand

47 - Which institution has organised ‘Darkathon -2022’ initiative to find solutions to counter dark-net markets?

(A) Central Bureau of Investigation
(B) Narcotics Control Bureau
(C) Enforcement Directorate
(D) National Investigation Agency

48 - What is the outlay of Prime Minister Awas Yojana (PMAY), in the Union Budget 2022-23?

(A) Rs 96000 Cr
(B) Rs 75000 Cr
(C) Rs 48000 Cr
(D) Rs 36000 Cr

49 - Which institution hosts the ‘World Sustainable Development Summit’?

(B) NITI Aayog
(C) The Energy and Resources Institute
(D) Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

50 - Which is the first institution set up under the National river interlinking policy?

(A) Ken-Betwa Link Project Authority
(B) Kaveri-Godavari Link Project Authority
(C) Godavari-Krishna Link Project Authority
(D) Narmada-Tapi Link Project Authority

51 - Legal mining of Bajri (riverbed sand) has been initiated in which state?

(A) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Bihar
(D) West Bengal

52 - Which Union Ministry launched ‘New Frontiers’ program, as a part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav?

(A) Ministry of New & Renewable Energy
(B) Ministry of Power
(C) Ministry of Coal
(D) Ministry of External Affairs

53 - Ilker Ayci, former Turkish Airlines Chairman has been appointed as the MD and CEO of which Indian Airlines?

(A) Spice Jet
(B) IndiGo
(C) Air India
(D) Vistara

54 - ‘Medaram Jatara’ is a fair celebrated in which Indian state?

(A) Madhya Pradesh
(B) Telangana
(C) Gujarat
(D) Bihar

55 - India signed agreement with UN World Food Program for distribution of wheat to which country?

(A) Maldives
(B) Afghanistan
(C) Syria
(D) Sri Lanka

56 - Which state initiated ‘Operation Parivartan’ to eliminate the cultivation of cannabis?

(A) Kerala
(B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Andhra Pradesh
(D) Goa

57 - What is the rank of India in the 2021 Democracy Index report?

(A) 32
(B) 46
(C) 52
(D) 85

58 - Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba has been declared President of which country?

(A) Burkina Faso
(B) Namibia
(C) Zimbabwe
(D) Mali

59 - Luc Montagnier, who passed away recently, won Nobel Prize for Medicine for which discovery?

(A) Human Immunodeficiency Virus
(B) Ebola
(C) Chikungunya
(D) Rotavirus

60 - Xinjiang region, which was seen in the news, is located in which country?

(A) Bangladesh
(B) China
(C) South Korea
(D) Japan

61 - Which Indian state has the highest number of killings as a part of ‘Witch Hunting’, as per NCRB?

(A) Jharkhand
(B) Odisha
(C) Gujarat
(D) Uttar Pradesh

62 - Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL) functions under the aegis of which institution?

(A) Reserve Bank of India
(B) Ministry of Finance
(C) Ministry of External Affairs
(D) Ministry of Commerce

63 - Which body regulates the Stock Exchanges in India?

(A) Reserve Bank of India
(B) Securities and Exchange Board of India
(C) Finance Ministry
(D) Securities and Exchange Commission

64 - Which institution launched agro ecology-based programme named ‘JIVA’?

(A) NITI Aayog

65 - MUSE and HelioSwarm, which were seen in the news recently, are associated with which space agency?


66 - What is the official Gross domestic product (GDP) deflator projection for 2022-23?

(A) 1.5- 2 %
(B) 3- 3.5 %
(C) 4.5- 5 %
(D) 10 %

67 - Belarus is bordered by which Sea?

(A) Baltic Sea
(B) North Sea
(C) Black Sea
(D) No Sea Border

68 - Which country is the host of One Summit, which was seen in the news recently?

(B) France
(C) Russia
(D) China

69 - Australia has recently designated which species as ‘Endangered’?

(A) Panda
(B) Koala
(C) Kangaroo
(D) Sloth

70 - An ancient Roman settlement has been recently found by the archaeologists in which country?

(A) Greece
(B) UK
(D) Russia

71 - The National Centre of Excellence in Carbon Capture and Utilisation (NCOE-CCU) has been established at which institution?

(B) IIT- Bombay
(C) IISc- Bengaluru

72 - Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is published by which institution?

(A) NITI Aayog
(B) Pratham Foundation
(C) Ministry of Education
(D) Ministry of Women and Child Development

73 - Which Indian city has the most Traffic congestion, as per TomTom Traffic Index?

(A) New Delhi
(B) Mumbai
(C) Bengaluru
(D) Chennai

74 - Scientists from which country achieved a milestone in nuclear fusion energy, by generating 59 MJ of sustained energy?

(B) China
(C) India
(D) UK

75 - Which country’s central bank has launched ‘Five-year plan for financial standardisation’?

(B) India
(C) China
(D) Japan

76 - What is the percentage of Women representation of board seats in India in 2021, as per ‘Women in the Boardroom report’?

(A) 4.1
(B) 7.1
(C) 17.1
(D) 27.1

77 - Kameng sector, where seven army personnel died in an avalanche, is located in which state/UT?

(A) Sikkim
(B) Ladakh
(C) Arunachal Pradesh
(D) Himachal Pradesh

78 - Which High court has constituted a three-judge bench to hear petitions questioning a ban on the use of hijabs in colleges?

(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Karnataka
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Uttar Pradesh

79 - White Cheeked Macaque, a new mammal species in the country, has been discovered in which state?

(A) Uttarakhand
(B) Assam
(C) Arunachal Pradesh
(D) Sikkim

80 - Which Union Ministry launched the ‘Services e-Health Assistance and Teleconsultation (SeHAT)’ initiative?

(A) Defence Ministry
(B) Health and Family Welfare Ministry
(C) Science and Technology Ministry
(D) Electronics and IT Ministry

81 - ‘Lake Albert’ is located as a border between which two countries?

(A) Uganda-Democratic Republic of Congo
(B) Algeria-Libya
(C) South Africa- Tanzania
(D) Uganda- Ethiopia

82 - Which state launched ‘Project Sadbhawana’ to improve Governance?

(A) New Delhi
(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Assam
(D) Odisha

83 - Which North-Eastern state recently inaugurated a dedicated ‘Technology Park’ for IT sector?

(A) Assam
(B) Meghalaya
(C) Manipur
(D) Mizoram

84 - India recently held a ‘High Level Conference on Renewable Energy (RE)’ along with which bloc?

(D) G-20

85 - ‘Space Applications Centre and Physical Research Laboratory’ function under the aegis of which institution?


86 - ‘Kanchoth festival’ is celebrated in which Indian state/UT?

(A) Bihar
(B) Jammu and Kashmir
(C) West Bengal
(D) Assam

87 - Which Union Ministry launched the ‘Central Media Accreditation Guidelines-2022’?

(A) Ministry of Electronics ad IT
(B) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
(C) Ministry of Communication
(D) Ministry of Home Affairs

88 - Which is the nodal agency of Powerthon-2022, a hackathon launched by the Union Power Ministry?

(C) NITI Aayog

89 - Sariska Tiger Reserve is located in which Indian state/UT?

(A) Gujarat
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Punjab
(D) Uttar Pradesh

90 - Hemidactylus easai is the name of which new species, identified in the Western Ghats, Kerala?

(A) Snake
(B) Gecko
(C) Spider
(D) Frog

91 - Which country leads the ‘Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT)’ project?

(B) Russia
(C) China
(D) Australia

92 - ‘Development of design studios’ is a new sub-scheme under which scheme?

(A) Indian Footwear and Leather Development Programme
(B) Design Linked Incentive Scheme
(C) PM YUVA Yojana
(D) PM KUSUM Scheme

93 - Which is the host country of the African Union Summit 2022?

(A) Zimbabwe
(B) Mali
(C) Ethiopia
(D) South Africa

94 - Which is the venue of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race in 2022?

(B) Sri Lanka
(C) Maldives
(D) Mauritius

95 - “Rashtriya Yuva Sashaktikaran Karyakram” is a scheme of which Union Ministry?

(A) Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports
(B) Ministry of Education
(C) Ministry of Skill Development
(D) Ministry of Labour and Employment

96 - Which institution/office announced the ‘Swachhta Saarthi Fellowship 2022’?

(A) NITI Aayog
(B) Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser
(C) IIT- Madras
(D) Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

97 - In which month the ‘World Interfaith Harmony Week’ is observed every year?

(A) January
(B) February
(C) December
(D) November

98 - CPEC is an Economic Corridor connecting Xinjiang region of China and Gwadar Port of which country?

(A) Iran
(B) Pakistan
(C) Afghanistan
(D) Kazakhstan

99 - ‘CAR T-cell therapy’ which was seen in the news, is used to treat which disease?

(A) Tuberculosis
(B) Cancer
(C) Diphtheria
(D) Sickle Cell Anaemia

100 - Which Indian state/UT launched Mission Bhagiratha to make sustainable drinking water sources?

(A) Bihar
(B) Telangana
(C) Jharkhand
(D) West Bengal

101 - Which country re-launched the “Cancer Moonshot” program?

(A) China
(C) Russia
(D) UK

102 - Punaura Dham, which was seen in the news recently, is located in which state?

(A) Bihar
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Odisha

103 - What was the mission period of National Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY)?

(A) 2014-2018
(B) 2015-2019
(C) 2016-2020
(D) 2017-2021

104 - Skeletal remains of a man buried near a headless horse have been found in which country?

(A) Russia
(B) Greece
(C) Germany
(D) China

105 - With the integration of Chhattisgarh, the ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ plan is operational in how many states/UT?

(A) 15
(B) 20
(C) 25
(D) 35

106 - Super Hornet is a fighter aircraft manufactured at which country?

(A) France
(C) Russia
(D) Israel

107 - Khijadiya wildlife sanctuary, is a new Ramsar site, located in which state/UT?

(A) Haryana
(B) Bihar
(C) Gujarat
(D) Uttarakhand

108 - When is the ‘World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day’ observed?

(A) January 25
(B) January 30
(C) February 1
(D) February 3

109 - ‘Scheme for enhancement of competitiveness of capital goods sector’ is associated with which Ministry?

(A) Ministry of Steel
(B) Ministry of Heavy Industries
(C) Ministry of Textiles
(D) Ministry of Commerce and Industry

110 - Which country inaugurated the Ijmuiden Sea Lock, the world’s largest sea lock?

(B) The Netherlands
(C) Australia

111 - “Vayam Rakshamah” or “We Protect” is the theme of which armed force of India?

(A) Indian Coast Guard
(B) Indo-Tibetan Border Police
(C) Assam Sentinels
(D) Border Security Force

112 - UNCITRAL, seen in the news, is a UN Agency associated with which field?

(A) Children Welfare
(B) Climate Change
(C) Insolvency
(D) Heritage

113 - Which country launched the Hwasong-12 mid-range ballistic missile?

(A) China
(B) Japan
(C) North Korea
(D) South Korea

114 - Indian Women’s Hockey Team won which position in the Asia Cup 2022?

(A) First
(B) Second
(C) Third
(D) Fourth

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